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    Spider-Man Training


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    Spider-Man Training Empty Spider-Man Training

    Post by (CR)Xuanwu on Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:17 pm

    Over the past couple of months I have been using spiderman a lot. I
    have learned that he is a very complex character to use and so I have
    gathered a bunch of tips that have greatly helped me make way to
    victory. Hope they help.

    Tips On Using Spiderman:

    Spiderman vs Ryu:

    For this type of match I have found that you should mainly stay on the
    ground and do kicks and punches. Stay close to ryu users and do not let
    then hadouken you to death. Once they level up, they will usually try
    to jump up and do shinku hadouken. Make sure you try and stay in the
    air as much as possible and use web balls all over the place. A good
    special to use is maximum spider when you get behind them. If not, use
    a helper and use this special right after a web ball. It works quite
    effectively. Good helpers to use are blanka or hulk. The most difficult
    type you will find are jump hadouken people. Avoid the Hadouken. -_-

    Difficulty rating: 6-7

    Spiderman vs Ken:

    This can be a quite difficult match to contend with because of the
    dragon punch. Stay as far away from ken as possible and make sure you
    do not jump directly over them because they will use that one special.
    Also, the raging fire special on the ground will often be used if you
    stay on the ground and do kicks. So make sure you do that only when ken
    is not leveled up. Ken users use the dragon punch very often so try and
    stay in the air often and do web balls. When in the air make sure to
    block as well because most of kens specials can be devastating. You do
    not have to worry too much about rds so its okay to be in the air.

    Difficulty rating: 7-8.5

    Spiderman vs Akuma:

    This type of battle is one where you must be cautious. If it is a vip
    akuma then Watch out for Rds because they will take advantage of the
    fact that spiderman users stay in the air often. Also, the vindicated
    akuma users love that drop kick followed by the shinku shoryu- ken. For
    this type of battle mostly stay in the air and avoid their specials. A
    good helper to use is cammy because you get a lot of her and the only
    thing you should worry about is the rd on the ground. A good helper to
    use is zanglief, and the second option would probably be hulk since he
    is faster.

    Difficulty rating: 6-7

    Spiderman vs Chun Li:

    I have not fought many chun users with my spidey, but I hope I can
    still give some tips. Stay in the air and do a lot of kicks because
    chun users will try and use their jumping abilites. The web ball is
    your friend as well the symboite byte. Chun users shouldn’t be too
    tough to beat. Using venom as your helper can be a lot of fun and you
    can also use blanka.

    Difficulty rating: 5-6

    Spiderman vs Sentinel:

    The match depends on how good the user is. Use a lot of kicks and stay
    in the air as much as your can. If the user is cheap with him, you can
    always web ball him to death in the air or use your death byte from
    behind. The most effective super would be maximum spider so try to use
    that. Good helpers would be blanka or cammy since sent users mainly
    stay on the ground.

    Difficulty rating: 5.5-7

    Spiderman vs Sakura

    This is a very tough opponent since sakuras hadoukens are so large. Use
    the air block method often and try to stay in the air when the user has
    leveled up. Take time to notice whether or not the user stays mainly on
    the ground or in the air. If in the air it try to stay in the air and
    use kicks. Web ball is effective if they are gorund users. Also, try to
    get a big helper since sakura users try to use their large hadoukens to
    hit you from above. Watch out for the ground combos because they can be
    quite costly to your health. Block a lot.

    Difficulty rating: 7-8.5

    Spiderman vs Cyclops

    For Cyclops, do not use web balls. Seriously. Use lots of combos and do
    lots of kicks and try to stay on the ground when they have not leveled
    up. Do no stay directly above then because of the gene splice and
    vertical blasts they will often use. Watch out for the optic blasts as
    always and use kicks and super jump a lot. Blocking is certainly
    needed. When they have leveled up they will usually try to go in the
    air and use their special from there. Get a big helper for this as
    well. The most effective special I have found is maximum spider since
    they do not expect this. Do not use the death byte as your special
    often because they can easily counter this.

    Difficulty rating: 7-9

    Spiderman vs Wolverine

    Even if this is a good user, this will probably be your easiest match
    to contend with. Don’t use web balls on the ground. Do Not stay on the
    ground. Use maximum spider as your special as often as you can and get
    a small helper preferably. Or use dr. doom because that is quite
    helpful. ckiks are your friend. The things you should watch out for are
    the healing, fatal claw, and weapon x. Stay in the air.

    Difficulty rating: 4-6

    Spiderman vs Bison

    Unless if you encounter a really good bison user, this shouldn’t be too
    tough. Stay in the air and do not get near the bison users. Stay as far
    away as you can and use web sting often. They will try to use their
    warps and simply use kicks. You can stay on the ground when they have
    not leveld up and use web balls combined with combos. Be careful of the
    psycho field special in the air. Do not get near them, seriously. A
    good helper to use is hulk or zanglief, or mayb that switch person.

    Difficulty rating: 5-7.5

    Spiderman vs Juggernaut:

    Just stay in the air. Web ball. Get behind them as much as your can.
    Use kicks when they have leveled up because it will often counter that.
    Good helpers are blanka and dr. doom. May be hulk too. Watch out for
    power ups and like I said before when they have levled up use kicks.
    Also combos and stay near them at these times. Other times, simply do
    web balls from the air.

    Difficulty rating: 4-7

    Spiderman vs Onslaught:

    You wont get many of these matches, but when you do use helpers
    combined with maximum spider or death bite since they cannot block.
    Stay in the air when not performing specials. This should be an easy
    match as well. May be use regular venom as your helper since you get a
    lot of them.

    Difficulty rating: 3-6.5

    Spiderman vs Spiderman:

    Oh boy this is a tough one. Okay, the key to victory is staying Above
    your opponent. Use web balls when above them and then use 2 kicks.
    Believe me youll get them if they’re above you. Death byte is your
    friend. Use this when they just keep kicking. Use maximum spider from
    WaY Above and if it doenst hit use a helper the next time you try it.
    It just depends on the type of user, but make sure to stay Above them.
    Dr. Doom is a great helper as well as hulk. This is the toughest match
    so gl. Make sure to try and read your opponent and see if they stay in
    the air more or the ground more. Stay above them.

    Difficulty rating: 8-10

    Well that’s all I have for now. I’m not guaranteeing these tips will work, but they have helped me out a lot. Thx. Good night.

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