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    Chun-Li Training


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    Chun-Li Training Empty Chun-Li Training

    Post by (CR)Xuanwu on Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:20 pm

    Unleash your Inner Chi, and show the world
    that you and your despotic Chun-li will reign.. Here and forever. First
    off.... Before i stop playing with her for a while.. i was quite good
    with her... the only reason why i dont like her.. is that noobs have
    the audascity to do just Two moves... Hadoukens & ShinKuu-
    Hadoukens.. Lets scroll over to the Opponent session.. Shall wii??

    Chun-li V. Ryu

    Wow... whatdid i just tell you about this.. noob will just do a chilche
    of hadoukens.. and make you sick... plus most of them just sit in the
    corner and do it.. so. i advice you do the super jump Not the V,^.. But
    V,>,^... and you can do Teh Super Energy Blast..=0..

    Chun-li V. Wolverine

    You should win this .. regardless of the situation... unless its just a
    Fatal Claw noob. just Super advance Jump a couple of time and do Teh
    Super Lightning Kick and you should have wolvey to his knees... begging
    for your Mercy.

    Chun-Li V. chun-li. this should be a great match..
    only thing you need are your essential ( a Bag of Popcorn and some good
    Ole Coke) and you be on your way to sucess in like 30 minutes xD.. jk
    but lets get back to bussiness. Chun-li.. she is a master of
    manipulation.. meaning that things might seem this way.. and it could
    go another way...

    Chun-li v. Sakura

    Eh? this will be a preety good one.. just stay light on your feet when
    it come to her.. because.. most Sakura users stay in the air.. making
    them an easy Prey to attack.. just watch out for that Glitch when shes
    on the ground. FYI: when she throws an Hadouken on the groung and youre
    not paying attention... it will hit you.

    Chun-li Vs Akuma

    Like i said with Sakura, you still have to be light on your feet
    because you never know when they are about to do the Aerial assult
    attack. next, since his Hadoukens are a bit smaller than Sakura make
    sure you stay up under him to Eradicate him/Hit him
    where it hurts with the Super Engery Blast. Vindication Mode Akuma:they
    dont do too many Projectile.. mostly they do only three to four things:

    1.Super Big Purple Ball

    2. Diving Kick.

    3.Upper cuts

    4. Lvl 1,2,3 RD's.

    so...if i were you.. i would hope you have VIP chun-li... and do the
    V,<,> and a Kick... or teh Heat seeker missiles would work fine
    and that tornado kick super ( Not to be mistake for the lightning kick

    Chun-li Vs Bison: hehe this is probably a formadable opponent. he will
    give you a hard time.. sometimes your and his stratey will seem
    similar... because most good user jjust hav the same strategy for
    chun-li as they do Bison.. but the diffence is he can tele port and..
    super advance jump giving him the upper hand.. and DONT let him get
    close to you with his Aerial Ball... if you see him comig quick to
    you.. run like.. HELL!

    Chun-li Vs Juggernaut

    just do what you do xD

    Chun-li Vs Ken

    Chea.. think hes not a great opponent with his fire super Covering up at
    least 1/2 of the game... stay away from corners and his Triple
    uppercut. it could make him kill you quick. super jump more and Energy
    super blast Most likely Kens they Travel alot so i suggest you do the
    Super energy ball to get him...

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    Chun-Li Training Empty Re: Chun-Li Training

    Post by (-DK-) on Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:42 pm

    nice toutorial. another tip is to use those 3 jumps as much as possible, including the super jump. It really works against good ryu users.. dont do it too much against good bisons because all they have to do is teleport towards you and hit the ball special.

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